Headache Treatment Centre

If you feel dull pain or tightness around your forehead or if your experience pain in the back of the head or neck, it is Tension Headache. It is one of the most common forms of headache, however, the causes are unknown. The pain may range from mild to severe discomfort.

Managing a tension-type headache frequently requires a delicate mix of healthy behaviors and effective non-medication therapies, and if medications are still needed then they should be taken appropriately.

There are two categories of this type of headache which is dependent according to the occurrence.

Episodic Tension Headache

If your headache is less than 15 days per month then it is an Episodic Tension Headache. This can last from 30mins to a week.

Chronic Tension Headache

If your headache occurs for more than 15 days or more it is characterized as Chronic Tension Headache. The pain may last from a few hours to days. Usually, episodic tension headaches turn into a chronic tension headaches.


They are caused by a variety of factors but the most common cause is stress. Episodic ones are often triggered by a single stressful event or a buildup of stress. Chronic stress can develop from daily tension.

This form of headache is not hereditary. Some people acquire them as a result of tense muscles in the back of the neck and on the scalp. This muscular tension can be caused by:

Inadequate rest
Poor posture
Emotional or mental stress
Sadness or Anxiety
Low Iron levels
Alcohol usage
Dental problems especially, in Jaw

Headache Treatment

Tension headaches are best treated when they first appear and the symptoms are minimal. The objective is to keep them from happening again and to alleviate whatever discomfort you are presently experiencing. You may avoid this by:

Take medicines that help in relieving pain
Avoid the reasons that can trigger stress
Manage your stress
Learn relaxation skills
Try home treatments such as a hot bath, cold packs, or Improved posture

Headaches are best treated at the onset of the initial symptoms. Our experts at NHS Neuro Care can assist you in seeking relief from headaches. We will assist you in determining the root of your headaches and will provide appropriate pain management treatments. To ensure long-term efficacy, we will develop a tailored treatment plan that will involve lifestyle modifications, medication, and other therapies (if required).