Living with Epilepsy

Living with Epilepsy is not difficult if you are aware of the condition and have the right medical help to manage seizures. Here are a few tips given by our expert on how to manage epilepsy to live a better life.

India contributes to nearly one-sixth of the global epilepsy burden. We have nearly 12 million people suffering from this condition which is nearly 1 percent of the total population. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which affects the normal brain activity. The affected person experience seizures or episodes of odd behaviour, and occasionally loss of consciousness. Living with epilepsy is manageable in most of the cases if diagnosed and treated correctly. Living with epilepsy can be different for children, young adults and senior person. They all need a lot of support from their family to manage this condition. 

Know the triggers

Living with epilepsy, you must need to know the triggers which may differ in every individual. Alay keep a seizure diary to identify certain triggers and avoid them.

Some of the common triggers may include:

  • Missing the regular medication
  • Stress or lack of sleep
  • Menstruation
  • Alcohol consumptions

Know the seizure first-aid

Epileptic seizures can be of many types and knowing the first aid can help. Here is what to do when someone is having an epileptic seizure:

  • Be with the person until the seizure ends completely 
  • Comfort the person and stay calm
  • If seizures last for longer time and you are not aware of their medication, then call for medical help
  • Do not hold or try to restrain the person movements
  • Traditionally people say to put anything in the person’s mouth during seizures, do not ever do this.
  • Do not offer water or any edible thing until the person is fully alert

Children living with Epilepsy

Children Living with epilepsy may suffer psychological problems then actual physical problem. Sometimes they are mocked in school for their seizures which may lower their self-esteem or lead to depression also. So, how you can help your child, here are a few tips:

  • Make your child aware 
  • Educate and Explain seizure first-aid to the family and school about the condition
  • Seek psychological counselling if you think they are dealing with depression


Living with epilepsy does not stop your children from attending regular school activities. But you must need to keep the child’s school and teachers aware of medication and seizure first-aid. There are very few cases when a few children needed extra support to fulfil their education.

Sports and Leisure

With well managed seizures, you can participate in sports and other leisure activities. However, it is best to avoid water sports or swimming or go for paragliding, or river-rafting, etc


Epilepsy does not mean stop working but certain limitation may be levied on the nature of work you do. For example, you may not fly an aeroplane if you have unpredictable seizures. 


Surprisingly, some women found that their epileptic seizures are better controlled during pregnancy. But some women also experienced an increased frequency in seizures during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your hormones may interfere on the way your medication work or may change the frequency of seizures. Inform your gynaecologist and neurologist to receive accurate epilepsy treatment during pregnancy. 

Make your home safe!

Making some minor changes in the home can make it safer and convenient for people with epilepsy. Here are some simple changes recommended by doctors for epilepsy patients:

  • Do not keep sharp furniture corners, loose wires and slippery floors
  • Avoid use of glass tabletops
  • Keep all walkways clear of obstacles.
  • Install a shower chair and grab bars to make bathing a safe

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