Tension headaches are dull pain, tightness, or pressure around your forehead or the back of your head and neck. Some people say it feels like a clamp squeezing the skull. Often called stress headaches, they’re the most common type for adults.

These headaches can last from 30 minutes to a few days. The episodic kind usually starts gradually, often in the middle of the day. Chronic ones come and go over a longer period of time. The pain may get stronger or ease up throughout the day, but it’s almost always there. Although your head hurts, tension headaches usually don’t keep you from your daily activities, and they don’t affect your vision, balance, or strength.

Learn more about some of the lifestyle changes that one can take to help in the management & prevention of such headaches.

☛ Try to identify and avoid situations that cause tension or stress
☛ Take breaks from intense tasks
☛ Get regular exercise
☛ Get enough sleep
☛ Try not to push yourself too hard
☛ Eat regular meals
☛ Don’t smoke
☛ Avoid alcohol or drink only in moderation
☛ Keep your sense of humor – it reduces tension

To learn more about how such headaches can be managed, consult with our expert team of neurologists at NHS Neuro Care, NHS Hospital, Jalandhar.

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