Headaches treatment and management in Jalandhar

Headaches can be described as constant annoying pain around the head or face. It can be throbbing, continuous, severe, or dull pressure. The kind, intensity, location, and frequency of headaches can all vary substantially.

Almost every person has suffered from it at some point in their lives, while most types are harmless, but other types may be fatal.

This condition is most prevalent in people and is one of the most common reasons which affects our daily lives if not treated on time. In this blog, we have outlined the types of headaches, their risk factors, symptoms and how to manage it effectively with the consultation of Headache treatment doctor in Jalandhar.

Types of headaches

More than 150 different types of headache all clubbed under primary and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches are caused by the irregularity or overactivity of pain-sensitive brain structures. They don’t point to or occur from an underlying medical condition. It’s possible that some people have their genes to complain for having the risk of getting primary headaches. For example – Migraine, cluster headache etc.

Risk factors of primary headache

1) Consumption of alcohol and nicotine

2) Poor posture

3) Irregular sleeping pattern

4) Skipped meals

Secondary headache result due to an underlying condition which can be seen as an indication of an illness.

Following treatment for the underlying illness, certain types of secondary headaches that aren’t necessarily harmful go away, including:

1) Dehydration

2) Sinus

3) Overconsumption of medications

There are certain types of secondary headache that can be potentially fatal including: –

1) Spinal headache

2) Thunderclap headache

Symptoms of headache which require urgent medical care

1) Severe, new and persistent headache

2) Headaches after an injury specially a head injury

3) Headache with high body fever

Treatment of headache

Finding your triggers is one of the most important steps in treating primary headache. Once you are aware of your triggers, your healthcare professional can modify your course of therapy. For instance, when you’re stressed or tense, you might experience headache. You can better control this trigger with counselling and stress-reduction methods. You can prevent headache brought on by stress by reducing it.

Not all headache call for medicine. There are numerous therapies available. Treatment choices depend on the type, frequency, and the cause of your headaches. Following are the various implemented for the headache treatment: –

1) Stress management

You can learn coping mechanisms through stress management. Stress management approaches include relaxation. To de-stress, you practice deep breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization, and listening to music.

2) Biofeedback

You learn to identify when stress is accumulating in your body using biofeedback. You get knowledge about how your body reacts under pressure and how to calm it down. Your body is wired up to sensors for biofeedback. They keep track of your uncontrollable physical reactions to headaches.

3) Medications

Over-the-counter pain medications typically work effectively for occasional tension headaches. However, be warned that excessive usage of these drugs can result in chronic daily headache (medication overuse headaches). Your doctor could suggest prescription headache drugs if you get regular or severe headaches. A migraine attack can be stopped using triptans and other medications. When a headache begins to develop, you take them. Sometimes, migraines can be prevented by medications for high blood pressure, seizures, and depression. One of these medications may be suggested by your doctor as a way to lessen headache frequency.

Headache Treatment Center in Jalandhar

NHS hospital is one of pioneer center in Jalandhar for the treatment of headache be it primary or secondary headache. We are equipped with advanced technologies for the accurate diagnosis and management of headache. We have a dedicated team of neurologists working in the NHS Neuro Care department for effective management of headache.

How NHS Neuro Care helps you?

Our department of neurosciences is headed by an expert doctor who has 20+ years’ experience in dealing with the various types of headache and empathetic staff who will assist you throughout the whole procedure abiding by our motto which says “Here to make a difference”. We have a dedicated Headache Workup / Treatment in this facility which is excellent with huge experience of Dr. Sandeep Goel managing these patients since last 16 years.

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Headache being the most common reason to affect our lives should be accurately diagnosed and effectively managed for us to lead a quality life. Among the various headache treatment center in Jalandhar, NHS provides you with all the facilities under one roof. Stop ignoring your symptoms and book your appointment today.