Epilepsy Treatment and Management in Jalandhar

Epilepsy is a brain illness characterized by recurrent seizures. A seizure is typically described as an abrupt shift in behaviour brought on by a transient disruption in the electrical activity of the brain. When a person experiences at least two seizures that are not related to another known medical condition, such as alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar, an epilepsy diagnosis is typically made.

You need to know the underlying condition which is leading to epilepsy so that you are able to manage epilepsy effectively. There are specialized epilepsy doctors who know how to diagnose and manage this condition. So, this blog will outline the common types of epilepsy, risk factors, how diagnosis is made and as we will focus on the epilepsy treatment centers in Jalandhar and how they help in the management of epilepsy.

Types of seizures

Primary generalized seizures are the main type of seizures. Primary generalized epilepsy is a type of epilepsy in which both sides of the brain experience seizures at the same time.

Risk factors

1) Cerebral palsy

2) Brain tumours

3) Family history of epilepsy

4) Alcohol or drug abuse


1) MRI

2) EEG

3) CT or CAT scan

Treatment of Epilepsy

Following are some of the procedures to follow for Epilepsy treatment: –

1) Anti-epileptic medications

Some people who only have a single episode with tests indicating less chances of recurrence do not require medications at all. These medications treat the symptoms rather than the underlying condition. Choice of medication depends on various factors such as the type of epilepsy, age and gender.

2) Diet therapy

The most common diet used are ketogenic diet and modified Atkins diet. The keto diet is specialized high fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrate diet. The modified Atkins diet is almost similar as keto but slightly less restrictive. It has been proven to effective in specific form of epilepsy such as refractory epilepsy who do not require surgery.

3) Surgery

The best hope for total seizure control in patients with seizures that are resistant to medical treatment is through surgery. Not all individuals with refractory epilepsy, however, make good surgical candidates. They must also be refractory and have partial epilepsy rather than generalized epilepsy. The epileptic region should also be located in a region of the brain that is unlikely to suffer severe neurological consequences if it were to be removed. Preoperative testing determines whether or not patients are likely to benefit from surgery.

Consult an Epilepsy Doctor in Jalandhar to discuss the appropriate procedure to follow.

4) Epilepsy treatment center in Jalandhar

There are various centers who have focus on the recovery of epileptic patients so that they are able to live a normal life. Once such specialized center is NHS hospitals in Jalandhar. We have a dedicated department of neurosciences where we are equipped to deal with the various types of epileptic patients.

How NHS Neuro Care helps you?

We are equipped with state of art facilities to deal with epilepsy. Our lead doctor has an extensive experience of 16+ years in and has successfully diagnosed and managed various types of simple and complex epilepsy. Our Epilepsy Unit is created with ability of VIDEO TELEMETRY EEG, and other imaging EEG machine and has availability of high end 1.5T MRI with epilepsy protocol.


Epilepsy is a condition which results in different types of seizures which varies from person to person. Understanding the exact type of epilepsy through professional diagnosis is utmost essential as it will create a difference in the management of this condition. Different types of epilepsy will lead to a change in the treatment plan of the condition. As the mild can be easily managed with medications or sometimes diet such as keto or modified Atkins diet.

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