How to Manage Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s Disease with Our Best Neurologist?

Parkinson’s disease is the loss of nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for producing dopamine. This disorder affects the nervous system and affects a person’s mobility and balance. If you or someone you know is going through Parkinson’s disease treatment, you may already know how it is so important to closely monitor any change in symptoms and keep your doctor informed of presenting symptoms and reactions to medications. This is key to managing a major side effect of a medication that is primarily used for Parkinson’s disease treatment – levodopa.

Manage Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s Disease with Our Best Neurologist Dr Sandeep goel

What is Dyskinesia and tips to manage it

Typically a person diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease needs to manage its symptoms through medication which can be for years. Levodopa is used to help produce dopamine to improve symptoms from Parkinson’s disease. However, with regular use of the drug, symptoms of dyskinesias. Dyskinesia is the involuntary and erratic movement of various parts of the body that looks exaggerated and dance-like that could be rapid and jerking movements or slow and extended muscle spasms.

Parkinson’s is usually seen in elderly people but in very rare cases it can be witnessed amongst children and teenagers as well. While it is imperative to take various medications for Parkinson’s disease treatments, there are ways to manage the side effects of these drugs.

Adjusting the dosage: It is possible to lessen the dosage of levodopa and other medications that affect dopamine levels. Speaking to your doctor about dyskinesia could help your doctor ascertain the right dosage that can alleviate Parkinson’s disease symptoms but also avoid severe symptoms of dyskinesia.

Including additional medication: The challenge with reducing the dosage of levodopa and related medication is that symptoms of Parkinson’s may not be managed well enough. So, doctors may advise an additional drug that can separately manage the symptoms of dyskinesias.

Deep brain stimulation: This is a type of disease treatment where electrodes are connected to stimulate parts of the brain that control movement. This treatment bypasses wholly or partially the use of medication.

Exercise and nutritious diet: Regular exercise, yoga or tai-chi is known to help manage. Aerobic exercise followed on a regular schedule is known to reduce and delay serious immobility issues. You will also be required to consider a diet that is whole-foods and plant-based and avoid processed foods. The doctor will no doubt recommend a balanced diet containing all food groups.

Managing stress: It is also important to address symptoms of depression attached to Parkinson’s due to low levels of dopamine. So it is good practise to include activities that can alleviate depression and stress than to only depend on medications that have side effects.

Dyskinesias is a serious symptom of the primary treatment of Parkinson’s disease and it is important for those living with Parkinson’s to understand that it is possible to explore ways to reduce these symptoms by building a strategy with your doctor. It may also be useful to consult a doctor for a second opinion to discuss some of these points that have been iterated in this article.


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