About NHS Neuro Care

All-in-One Centre for Neurological Services

Over 30 years of Experience in Brain & Spine Care

NHS Neuro Care is a dedicated wing or Department of Neurology that focuses on the advanced, latest procedures & programs to achieve excellence in neurological care, including treatment for Brain, Spine Conditions & Nerve Disorders. NHS Neuro Care has been treating serious neurological conditions like stroke, headaches, epilepsy, and movement disorders among others with a futuristic mindset and cutting-edge techniques.

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How did the journey start?

Here To Make A Difference & Further

NHS Hospital, Jalandhar is a 200-bed, cutting-edge super-specialty hospital specializing in a wide range of advanced medical & surgical procedures with both inpatient & outpatient treatments.

The overarching idea, “Here to Make a Difference,” is supported by every aspect of the hospital, including its physical surroundings, operational procedures, and staff members. To further this vision in the field of Medical Brain & Spine Care, we have initiated NHS Neuro Care – A Centre of Excellence for Neurological Solutions.